Top Five Ways to Improve User Experience on Your Website

User experience (UX) plays an important role in improving conversion rate and increasing customer loyalty. Once visitors land on your website, you have about thirty seconds sometimes shorterto convince them to stay longer. A slow website or a confusing interface can easily turn away visitors. Most Internet users dont like sites that are difficult to navigate and understand.

To maximise the use of your website, make sure your customers will have an easy time browsing through your pages. Here are some tips on improving UX:

Reduce Page Load Time
Every second counts. Many visitors, especially those on mobile devices, dont want to wait long for a page to finish loading. The longer your page loads, the more visitors youll lose. Using JavaScript to create an impressive interface may seem like a good idea, but it may increase your load time. Its better to create a simple interface that makes customers stay longer.

Use Effective Navigation
An effective navigation points your visitors to the right pages. Some of the things you may use are multi-level navigation, overlay dropdowns, and block dropdowns.

Overlay navigation is great when you dont have too many links. When a visitor toggles the menu, itll show your links while keeping the current page in the background. The website uses an overlay menu.

A block dropdown is similar to an overlay menu. Instead of keeping the content on the background, however, it pushes the content down. This is a widely used navigation for responsive websites. A multi-level menu shows an organised list of your internal links. This is perfect for a site with many pages and categories.

Check Browser Compatibility
Nothing is more frustrating than going to a site that wont load properly due to browser compatibility issues. For some designers, this is a nuisance, as it often takes time to fix. Before launching your website, make sure its working on major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Have a Search Bar
UX means making browsing on your website convenient for visitors. To improve user experience, think about adding a search feature on your site. This prevents customers from experiencing any difficulty in looking for what they need on your site. In addition to having a search bar, having categories and a tag cloud will make searching for content on your site faster.

Developing a website doesn’t just mean focusing on its design. Know what your customers need to improve your sites UX and enjoy a higher ROI.

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